New York State Licensed Home Inspector

In today’s market it is highly recommended that you use a home inspector before you purchase a house. This purchase (investment) may be one of the largest in your lifetime.

When you choose to use Inspector Ed Home Inspections Inc., it will be a thorough and detailed inspection. Time will be spent trying to look in every “nook and cranny” to make sure you are aware of potential problems or safety hazards that might be associated with your purchase. Inspector Ed will work for you; our only priority is providing you with information observed during the inspection that will guide you in making an educated investment.


Ed was fantastic! Thorough, punctual, and full of knowledge and useful advice. I highly and enthusiastically recommend him.

– P.W., May 2015

Ed went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to inspecting the house we wanted to purchase. Every person on site commented on how thorough he was. My real estate attorney even went so far as asking for his name and number for the next time he purchased a house. Ed was just absolutely fabulous. I will never recommend or use another inspector!

– J.M., March 2015

Ed is very patient and answers all questions in depth. He makes everything easy to understand. I would highly recommend him!

– K.R., December 2014

Thank you so much for yesterday. You were a pleasure and you were on top of eveything. Would absolutely refer you. Thank you again for everything and making the process easy and taking the time to explain everything. Washington and Cindy Peguero

– W.P., June 2014

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Thank you for a most professional and educational home inspection. I truly appreciated the time you took to explain each item in terms I could understand. Your thorough inspection left me feeling that I “know” the home I am purchasing. I will most definitely recommend you to others! Thanks, Mary

– M.A., August 2013

More About Inspector Ed Home Inspections Inc.

Ed Chatterton, founder and president of Inspector Ed Home Inspections Inc. entered the home inspection business to try to assist people that are unfamiliar with the problems associated with many houses. Often, buyers look at a potential house and they tend to focus only on the surface and whether the house is big enough to suit their needs. They also look at the cost and sometimes “the great deal” ends up not being such a deal after all, due to unseen problems.

My company will be thorough and try to provide you with enough information so you can feel confident that you are making an educated decision about the property you are interested in purchasing.  Please call with any questions, we are here to help.  We look forward to speaking and working with you on your potential purchase.

– Ed Chatterton – President